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I spent most of  the last ten years working as a professional model; the fashion industry is fun but can be very tough.. through yoga and meditation I began to create the balance I so badly needed.  

I spent many years suffering at the expense of my own mind, I deprived myself of nutrients and love for a very long time, with detrimental effects to my health and wellbeing. 
My personal yoga practice helped me save my own life and that is the drive now for me to help others to do the same.. to save their own lives through yoga, correct nutrition and self love.

Even if reading this, you do not need to 'save your own life', perhaps there is room for improvement, more balance or just a little more zen.. you're in the right place. 

Incredible things happen when we empower each other, and my goal is to empower and guide you to take back the control over your own life, to practice a little more self-love and encourage you to prioritise health and wellbeing so you can thrive and become the highest version of yourself possible.

My experience is the driving force behind everything I do... everything I have been through and learnt along the way has a purpose when it is used to help other people grow and improve their own lives.

Today I am not perfect, nobody is.. but I have passion and I have love inside me. The greatest gift of all is love. Together, lets learn to love ourselves.

With love, Zana x

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